American Direct Fabrication was started for the sole purpose of providing high strength, high quality, safe and tactical products that are not cheaply manufactured overseas. We've developed our Raptor buckles as the next step in light-weight, high strength buckles. After years of research and development, we've brought a full line of buckles to the market that are not only safe, strong, and light-weight, but ergonomic and simple to use as well. While we might not be the first to explore the world of high strength buckles, our goal is to continue striving to push the boundaries of advanced product development that raises the bar and provides consistent quality-made products right here in the USA.

Research and Development

We look forward to the challenge of improving our products as new needs arise and standards are pushed. We manufacture all of our products in accordance with ISO-9001 guidelines in the United States where our products are tested by independent 3rd party companies for durability against sand, salt, extreme temperatures and (most importantly) strength. All product test data is available for public viewing. We welcome all input and feedback so that we may better our products and improve the standards in the industry.


Goal and Spirit of ADF

At ADF, we have tested and compared our products to what the world has to offer and we are consistently striving to improve our line of products. Constant feedback from those in the field and 3rd party testing is an integral part of our product development. At ADF we live by the motto that "Good isn't good enough", and we will never cease to constantly improve and further develop our products. This is especially true to our Generation II Raptorproducts that had been launched in April of 2016. After two and a half years of advanced product development, we have a new innovative group of advanced, next-generation buckles that offer a variety of improvements.

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